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Things to consider

It's over! He's come home smelling of another woman's perfume for the last time. You've found where she has been e-mailing risqué photos of herself to her new boyfriend. Whatever the reason, you have decided it's time to file for divorce and it's going to be a war. STOP.

In the decades our attorneys have represented people in high conflict divorce and child custody cases, very often the decisions the parties have made at the beginning of the case have proven decisive in either their success or their horrendous failure at achieving their goals. A divorce case starts before the first pleading is ever filed, usually before one spouse is even aware that the other spouse is considering it.

Once you have crossed that mental boundary line and determined that it is time to part ways, that is the time to make sure you have your affairs in order. That is the time for you to position yourself for the best possible chance of success in the upcoming litigation.



If you are recently divorced, your divorce may have triggered a number of legal issues that you should consider.

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