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Abigail Corine “Abbie” Barnes was raised in Burna, Kentucky, which is nestled near the middle of Livingston County.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Murray State University and graduated from Salmon P. Chase College of Law in Northern Kentucky.  She currently resides in Salem, Kentucky, a mere 7 miles from where she grew up.  She makes her home with her husband James and her two children Rain and Evelyn.  She is an artist as well as an attorney and maintains a pottery studio in Burna, Kentucky, called Old Road Studios, where she creates functional pottery out of porcelain.  This studio is located right off the roadbed that originally served as the main thoroughfare through Livingston County.

Ms. Barnes has spent her entire career representing people in Western Kentucky, and continues to focus on building her life in this place that she loves.  She has been defending the innocent and disadvantaged, and helping families since 2010.  Prior to coming to Alford Law Office, Ms. Barnes spent 3 year employed by the McCracken County Attorney’s Office.  As a prosecutor, she first focused on the prosecution of Domestic Violence Assaults and worked closely with the McCracken County’s Victim Advocate’s office, who assists victims in gaining access to the court system.  Ms. Barnes was later tapped to become the Director of the McCracken County Child Support Enforcement Branch of the McCracken County Attorney’s Office.  While serving in that capacity, she helped collect over $6 million dollars in support owed to local children.  Prior to her employment with the McCracken County Attorney’s Office, Ms. Barnes spend 3 years representing indigent clients at the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy where she focused on achieving justice for those without power in the justice system.

Abbie Barnes

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